"Kwande" is the Igbere word for Help or Support

The foundation is an attempt to ensure that promising Igbere children who have their education at Igbere are at no built-in disadvantage. It is a celebration of that distant past when Igbere people often sent their children back home to complete their primary school because Igbere schools were very good.

It is another scholarship scheme, but not another “Me-too” effort. It is a serious attempt at establishing something that will endure and grow, well beyond the lifetime of its initiators, benefitting many generations of Igbere children.

you can be a part of the Kwande Foundation:


People of Igbere origin of all age brackets, resident anywhere in the world can register for ₦1,000 only.


In writing, to contribute at least ₦2,000 monthly or ₦24,000 yearly.


Pupils and students of good character and academic standing get supported well beyond secondary education.

Are you of Igbere origin, and would like to be a part of this noble foundation? Complete the application form today!

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